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The Ward MM Ethics Statement
The Ward MM Ethics Statement
The Ward MM Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

Ward Medication Management (Ward MM) is a progressive, professional and ethical organisation that provides high quality, leading edge pharmacy services, including medication review and other services designed to optimise quality use of medicines for individuals and support the professional staff that care for them. Ward MM has established a privacy statement that can be viewed at The privacy statement is supplemented by this ethics statement. This ethics statement sets out the principles used to guide the professional conduct of Ward MM management and employees and all aspects of their dealings with the public, and with other health professionals.

Principle 1: The interests of the aged care resident/consumer

The key principle of the Ward MM ethics statement is that the interests of the aged care resident/consumer (being the client of Ward MM) should always be regarded as the primary factor in guiding professional conduct and practice. Important secondary considerations are the need to provide high quality, responsive support and assistance to those people and organisations that serve the needs of the clients – these may include, but are not limited to, medical and nursing staff that provide care for the clients. This support and assistance may include facilitating the safe and effective care of clients through the provision of services that assist facilities and staff in areas such as accreditation support in medication management, education and research designed to assist in developing good practice in medication management and minimising medication-related harm and medication errors/incidents.

Principle 2: Professional competency and standards

The pharmacists who work for Ward MM take personal responsibility for the provision of the pharmaceutical services being provided. All pharmaceutical and professional services are provided by appropriately qualified and credentialed personnel, with professional competence and in compliance with all applicable legal and professional practice obligations.

Ward MM endeavours to ensure that pharmaceutical and professional services are provided in a manner in keeping with applicable professional standards, guidelines and codes of practice. Ward MM endeavours to ensure that the activities and behaviour of staff do not bring the profession of pharmacy into disrepute or undermine public confidence in pharmacists.

Principle 3: Courtesy, respect, confidentiality

All services provided by Ward MM to clients will be governed by the principles of courtesy, respect and confidentiality. Ward MM staff will not sell personal information derived from clients for the purposes of generating personal gain or profit or for gain/profit for Ward MM.

Principle 4: Honesty and integrity

Ward MM staff will at all times act with honesty and integrity and avoid conflicts of interest or situations that may compromise professional relationships or influence the objectivity of professional judgments. Where any conflict of interest or other situation arises that may so compromise professional relationships or influence objectivity, Ward MM will appropriately manage that conflict of interest or situation with regard to its key principle of acting in the interests of the aged care resident/consumer.  

Principle 4: Contributing to the profession through teaching, research and publication

In addition to providing services in the interests of individual clients, Ward MM staff and management contribute to the knowledge base of the profession through teaching, research and publication. When involved in research, Ward MM staff will abide by requirements of duly constituted institutional ethics committees and applicable national and international ethical guidelines (including, in relation to human research, the National Health and Medical Research Council’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research).

Principle 5: Medicines advice

Where providing information and advice about medicines to health professionals, clients or family members, Ward MM staff will take all reasonable care to ensure that this advice is based on the principles of the quality use of medicines and the advice is current, accurate, evidence-based, timely and appropriate.

Principle 6: Relationships with other professionals

Ward MM pharmacists will maintain effective professional relationships with colleagues and other health professionals, respecting the abilities, opinions and achievements of other professionals and demonstrating a willingness to provide advice and support in a cooperative manner.

In addition, where needed, Ward MM may engage professional services from non-health professionals and bodies to assist in attaining the best possible outcome for aged care residents and staff including legal services.

Principle 7: Employment practices

Ward MM are equal opportunity employers.