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Reactions can vary from person to person.
Reactions can vary from person to person.
Reactions can vary from person to person.

Adverse Drug Reactions?

Even using prescribed medication as it should be can result in unexpected results. As everybody is different reactions to medication can vary from person to person. The more medications a person is taking the more increased is the risk that there will be an unexpected and adverse reaction. Both adverse drug reactions and and adverse drug events my happen slowly over time or may have a sudden onset.

Adverse drug reactions

An adverse drug reaction is a side-effect of a medication. These result from either an allergic reaction to a medication or the effect of the medication on the body. Adverse drug reactions range from minor ailments such as a headache to serious medical events such as an anaphylactic reaction.

Adverse drug events

Adverse drug events are when a person experiences harm caused by a medication. Adverse drug events may be non-predictable (allergic reaction), predictable (side-effect) or preventable (medication error). Adverse drug events can occur even when the best quality of care is given. Medication reviews are an effective strategy to assess and manage a person’s risk of an adverse drug event.