Love a big challenge? Have a passionate interest in aged care? Want to progress your career?

If so, Ward MM might be the right place for you!



Bringing talented people to work with us:

At Ward MM, we deliver the highest quality clinical service to be the best medication management solution provider to the aged care industry.

We are looking for our next Ward MM team member – someone who is great for the role and big achiever.

Our hiring process is simple. We receive your application through email or website. You then will have a first conversation by our Human Resources team, followed by a face to face interview either online or in person.



The Interview process:

When you interview with Ward MM, our team will be looking across these four areas:

For pharmacists, click here to see what sort of clinical skill we look at.



We understand that if we hire excellent people and have them immerse themselves in the recruitment process, we will get more excellent team mates to join us. We spent time evolving the recruitment process because we believe its worth the investment to work with excellent people.

Ward MM is an equal opportunity employer and an innovative company.



You can find the current positions available here.