Chris Alderman and Sue Ward


We welcome Chris who is our Director of Clinical Excellence with Ward Medication Management; Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice at the University of South Australia; and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research. He is the current Chair of the Board of Commissioners for the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (CCGP).

Chris’ research work has been published extensively in books and journals across the world. His qualifications, experience, and passion for making a difference in the aged care industry make him a well-respected leader in the field of safe and effective use of medicines for older people. Chris is a father of five and is a passionate Adelaide Crows AFL supporter.


Sue Ward founded Ward Medication Management in 1997 with a focus on customer service and excellence. Her passion for outstanding care led her to develop the first QUM reporting service and additional quality indicators. A concept she developed while leaving extra notes on medication charts.

Sue’s revolutionary CPR programme has delivered 100% compliance to the accreditation standards of her aged care facilities. She is a well respected practitioner in her field, and her experience with legislation in the aged care industry is second to none.


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